The Spruce Knob Press Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Just imagine all the pleasure you can bring!

As of yesterday afternoon, the new novel & Sons is off to the printer, available soon. It’s really quite a moment to approve the artwork and page layout and paper weights and finishes, to make that simple and incontrovertible decision to say “go.” And now it’s out of my hands, and all there is left to do is wait for UPS.

(Well, that’s not the ONLY thing to do…)

The holidays are here, and your gift-giving dilemmas are hereby solved—give your friends the pleasure of quality literature from Spruce Knob Press! Who doesn’t like a good story, right? We’ve got quirky short stories—Red and Misplaced Persons. We’ve got an outstanding YA novel—Leopard. We’ve got heartfelt family dramas—& Sons and Trailing Spouse. We’ve got an urban corruption story—The City Killers. And for the writers in your life, we’ve got Slush, a realistic look at the emotional churn of the aspiring author.

Give your friends the gift of these limited edition, autographed books. All you have to do is contact me with your name (or the name of the recipient), the book or books you want, and your US mailing address. You can reach me via e-mail if you know it; through LinkedIn messaging if that’s where you’re reading this; or through the “Keep In Touch” link at my website,

And to be honest, it’ll be your gift to me as well. What does every writer want for Christmas? (and Hanukkah and Arbor Day and the Lunar New Year, too?) Readers, that’s what we want. So let’s do some mutual gifting—books for you, readers for me. Better than Secret Santa, right? Put on your worst Christmas sweater, get yourself a drink, and read a good book!

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