The Right Conversation at the Right Time

Illustration by Cathryn Virginia, for The New Yorker

Sometimes you swim upstream for ages. Nothing feels like it has a landing point, nothing feels like it has traction or makes progress. And other times, you catch a current, ride a tailwind, your own work amplified by the pace of events and interest.

The new book is falling into that second category, which suggests to me that the broader conversations about adjunct labor in higher ed are primed to spring forth. After two weeks of churn about the excerpt in the Chronicle, there’s an extended review of the book on today’s electronic home page of the New Yorker! Hua Hsu (himself a faculty member at Vassar) has done a marvelous job comparing my work with that of John Sexton, retired president of NYU, to show that what you see depends on where you stand when you look. It’s a terrific piece of writing, which helps bring this sequestered academic conversation into broader communities.

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